The Pros and Cons of Breathing

This last week has been amazing. And leave it to the Fates to go and kill it. I swear the universe has it out for me. For every two steps forward, it's one step back. Reeeaaallllyyyyy not cool or fun. 
What was fun, however, was the beach trip I took with my Aunt and cousins. I had a really good time just hanging out in the water with Boo. She may be little, but she has so much energy. It was funny to watch the waves knock her off balance. She tried to get me to fall in the water a few times, but that didn't work out much for her. ;) Bubba tried playing in the water, but the waves knocked my poor baby down. It was very amusing, but also a little sad. My aunt even found it funny. It's times like that when I wish I'd had my camera with me. The con, I got seriously sunburned. Okay, not as bad as my aunt, but it hurts. I only got burned on my back. Like from my head to my feet, literally. The back if my  knees hurt like heck. Times like this I thank God for aloe vera. 
I have become a pro at Wii golf. It's like the only sport that I'm good at. Baseball would be second and tennis third. The rest I cannot even mention, thats how bad I am. LOL. The con of all this Wii playing, I pulled a muscle in my arm. Not pleasant. While temporary recovering from this "injury", I read all the books my Grandma bought me. And now I have nothing to read. LOL, it's a good thing I enjoy rereading books. I also got a few from my Aunt. 
This week though, started out sucky. Great Grandma is in the hospital Saturday. And my GRANDMA in today. Honestly, not one of my better days. I mean, yeah, she is going to be alright, but still it's awful. Nothing to cry about though. So that's a good thing. Anyway, I'm off to go take care of the kiddies. 
Missing home like  crazy...